UPSの再配達をヤマト運輸に変更する方法 – how to change re-delivery way from UPS to YAMATO

If you have purchased something from overseas, you may feel UPS delivery service is inferior to Japanese delivery companies such as Yamato and Sagawa. Japanese delivery companies provides convenient service like specified time and weekend delivery. But UPS service is as follows.

配達は平日のみ Delivery is only on weekday
時間帯指定はAM(9:00~12:00)かPM(14:00~17:00)のいずれか Designated time is AM 9:00-12:00 or PM 14:00-17:00

Weekend and weekday night time can’t be designated. For daytime workers, it is impossible to receive a parcel. Furthermore, the parcel will be sent back to a sender unless you receive within 3 times re-deliveries

In order to resolve this problem, you can use Yamato for re-delivery.

ups_document01  ups_document02

When you are absent at the time of delivery, delivery absence notice and re-delivery guidance are put in mail box. There is a way to call phone number on the guidance or contact, but this time I’d like to explain the way from UPS web site.

1. Access to UPS web site and select “UPSにEメール” in the bottom section of “UPSの連絡先”.


2. Input name and e-mail address in the screen below. You should select support category is “貨物追跡”, support topic is “貨物追跡情報”, Customer information is “荷受人”. And then press the button “次へ”.


Input phone number, tracking number (the number above barcord on delivery absence notice), postal code and in last column you need to describe you hope re-delivery through Yamato. And then press the button “Eメールを送信”.


A short time later, 追跡情報 changes as below.

“The package is assigned to a sub-agent for delivery. Delivery is rescheduled.”

Finally the parcel is delivered through Yamato and you can designate re-delivery on weekend or weekday night time.

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